by amélie. studio is a creative practice blending research and writing to design digital products with compassion.

Cultivate magic with words


I work with startups, small businesses, and nonprofits excited to solve complicated design problems with language.

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Walk slow and rewrite systems


Inspired by Silicon Valley, society encourages entrepreneurs and creators to “move fast and break things.” But what happens when those “things” are people? A new app can disrupt a market while unleashing destruction on a community.

As a design strategist and writer, my approach works against the all-or-nothing SV model, with layers of thoughtfulness, nuance, and co-creation.

My goal is to help design teams who want to break away from “business as usual” while blending equity, justice, and community values using the power of language.

Read kind words from collaborators


While I can tell you a bit more about my work, I’ll let my collaborators speak about their experiences directly with you.

Amélie’s skills and perspective are what so many people are seeking.
Amélie is calm and nimble. They are very organized and clear about what they offer and how it could be delivered.
I felt like I hit the jackpot in finding Amélie. They brought a lot of analytical thought and humanity to what we were doing. Direct but kind, they did a good job pushing back on me and over-delivered on the work required of them.
Amélie’s experience and thoughtfulness would be a great strategic partner for any team, especially those in an earlier stage.
Community is how we get free


The studio also maintains and contributes to projects for social good, such as The Guide to Allyship, Black Palettes, Black Beauty List, and more.